Medieval Europe Source Books

  1. Adams, George Burton, and H. Morse Stephens. Select documents of English constitutional history. New York: The Macmillan Company, 1914. [ TOC]
  2. Barrington, Boyd Cummings. The Magna Charta and Other Great Charters of England. Philadelphia, 1900.
  3. Colby, Charles W., ed. Selections from the Sources of English History, BC 55 – AD 1832. New York: Longmans, Green, & Co., 1899. [TOC]
  4. Einhard. Life of Charlemagne. 1880.
  5. Henderson, Ernest F., ed. Select Historical Documents of the Middle Ages. London: George Bell and Sons, 1905.
  6. Maitland, F. W., ed. Select Pleas in Manorial and Other Seignorial Courts, v. 1: Reigns of Henry III and Edward I. London: Bernard Quaritch, 1889. [TOC]
  7. Marie de France. Marie de France: Seven of her lays done into English. 1901.
  8. Norton, Arthur Orlo, ed. Readings in the History of Education: Mediaeval Universities. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University, 1909. [TOC]
  9. Ogg, Frederic Austin, ed. A Source Book of Medieval History. New York: American Book Company, 1908. [TOC]
  10. Robinson, James Harvey. Readings in European History, Vol 1: From the Breaking up of the Roman Empire to the Protestant Revolt. Boston: Ginn and Company, 1904. [TOC]
  11. Robinson, James Harvey, and Henry Winchester Rolfe, eds. Petrarch: The First Modern Scholar and Man of Letters. A Selection from his Correspondence with Boaccaccio and other Friends… London: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1898. [TOC]
  12. Thatcher, Oliver J., ed. The Library of Original Sources. Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Roberts Manchester Publishing Company, 1901.
  13. Thorpe, Benjamin, ed. Ancient Laws and Institutes of England, vol 1: Containing the Secular Laws. London: Commissoners of the Public Records of the Kingdom, 1831. [TOC]
  14. ——————————-. Ancient Laws and Institutes of England, vol 2: Containing the Ecclesiastical Laws, Etc. London: Commissoners of the Public Records of the Kingdom, 1831. [TOC]
  15. Translations and Reprints from the Original Sources of European History, volumes 1-6. Philadelphia: Department of History of the University of Pennsylavnia, 1897-1899. [TOC]
  16. Webster, Hutton. Readings in Medieval and Modern History. Boston: D.C. Heath and Co, 1917. [TOC]

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